Your Body Is Electrical

Did you know your body is an "electro-chemical" mechanism? ... Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents.

Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout your body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think, feel... and HEAL!

The Future Of Healing

Electrotherapeutic Energy is a field of study by scientists, researchers and doctors around the world that involves the use of safe, low level electrical currents to help relieve pain and other symptoms of body pathologies - such as sickness, illnesses and diseases.

Up until recently and due to the immense power of the pharmaceutical companies, we have chosen to treat the chemical aspect of the human body with drugs.

However, imagine if you could treat the body by improving its electrical function?... This is how eBalance™ is designed to work for you.

How Energy Works

Energy disturbances (such as stress - physical and emotional) in the body precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular growth (diseases, cancers, pains, etc.).

Everything in the universe, including your physical body is composed of matter, which vibrates and has a frequency (electrical energy).

Cause Of Diseases & Pain

Diseases, illnesses and pain are results of abnormal electrical frequencies. Electrotherapeutic Energy, in the form of low level electrical current, can connect the frequencies to their normal cellular level and help the body to heal itself naturally.