Who Else Wants Less Pain & Inflammation?...*

Copy The Same Proven Formula My Family & I Have Been Using Since 2008

Inflame & Pain Relief™

Healthy Inflammation Response & Pain Relief*

A [p_years sku=”ipr”]+ year, doctor-formulated vegan pill that I formulated for myself, to help promote a healthy & youthful inflammatory response,… Joint, brain & immune function.* Contains scientifically validated, patented & herbal extracts supporting:

  • Whole-Body Inflammatory Reduction*
  • Quick Pain & Discomfort Relief*
  • Optimal Immune System Function*
  • Youthful Joint Mobility & Flexibility*
  • Healthy Brain & Digestive Function*

Guaranteed Results or
Refund + $100.00

We've been in business since 1996 and online since 1999. We KNOW our formulas work and prove it with scientific studies.

That's why we give you an 1 YEAR to try our products risk-free.

However, because Inflame & Pain Relief™ is so effective and works quickly, we guarantee healthier inflammatory markers in 30 days, or receive a full refund + an additional $100.00 cash back!*†

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287+ Reviews

best turmeric

Dr. Robbins has combined the 3 best and most potent turmeric extracts into ONE pill. PLUS added other powerful ingredients. THIS is why it works!

Rolls Royce

honestly, this is the rolls royce of inflammation products. Look at the ingredients, it's perfectly designed and dosed.

less shoulder pain

I take more than the recommended dose, I take 6 a day. My shoulder pain is at least 75% less. I'm not exagerating. It's been 2 full months of use. Maybe it'll continue getting better.

take with food

Inflame & pain really does work and it's one of my fav supplements. But take it with food. I notice on an empty stomach it can cause a little pain. Not sure why or maybe it's just me. But I thought id share.

7 month results

they had a special, so I bought 7 bottles. I just finished the last pill of the 7 bottle. It's slow process of healing, however i can see for sure there have been improvements. Time to stock up some more.

less back pain

I took this for health reasons, etc. But I was surprised that my back pain is much less.

Proven Ingredients & Formula

Inflame & Pain Relief’s [p_years sku=”ipr”]+ years of success in popularity and effectiveness is because this doctor formulation consists of:

  • 6 patented ingredients
  • 13 herbal extracts (earth-grown, Non-GMO)
  • 2 amino acids (pharmaceutical grade)

This “5-in-1” natural remedy produces fast results & long-term benefits, in a convenient veggie pill, at the very best value because:

WHY I Created It

Did you know that inflammation is one of the leading causes of various health problems, pain and accelerated aging (body AND brain)!* I'll give you more details about this in a minute...

Problems Linked To Inflammation
  • joint pain*
  • heart problems*
  • hair loss*
  • brain aging*
  • weight gain*
  • poor immunity*
  • skin problems*
  • high sugar levels*
  • allergies*
  • poor gut health*
  • negative mood*
  • memory problems*
  • low energy & libido*
  • increase stress*

The list goes on and on...

But I Didn't Care

However, I'll be honest with you... Initially, I didn't care about any of these "health" problems, I only cared about reducing my pain!!!

inflamation body parts

I originally formulated Inflame & Pain Relief™ for myself over 13+ years ago, because I had been dealing with lots of pain and stiffness for many years due to:

  • years of exercise ("wear and tear" on my joints, tendons and ligament)
  • stress (both physical + emotional)
  • negative changes in my hormones, due to overall aging

And Aging Only Made It Worse!

It seemed the older I got, the more "warming up" I required — whether it was at gym or simply getting out of bed in the morning.

back pain bed

Of course, I continually improved my diet and changed my workouts over the years, which helped...

But it wasn't enough!...


Of course, most people (including your "doctor") will simply take one of the over-the-counter NSAID drugs...

One of the world's most abused drugs on the planet?!!*

I think you and I can agree that drugs are NEVER a good, long-term choice.


Not only because of the negative effects (liver, kidney, etc.), but the fact that these drugs do NOT fix the actual problem!...

They only MASK the symptoms and cause MORE inflammation.

The REAL Cause Of Inflammation & Pain

Of course, genetics is always an underlying cause with anything in your body...

Aging, Stress & Negative Changes In HORMONES
Are Major Causes Of Inflammation & Pain*

And yes, lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) is also a major contributing factor...

ONLY because they all affect a primary cause of inflammation, which is the negative changes in your hormones, due to aging!*

I know this because my area of expertise as a doctor is Anti-Aging medicine & Endocrinology, which is the study of hormones.

It ALL Makes Sense Because...

Young people rarely have pain and also have low inflammation.

However, as you see from the graph below, as we get older (especially after age 45) the inflammation increases and so does pain & stiffness.

Older Age = Higher Inflammation & Pain!

Sadly, after the age of 45, pain, stiffness and aches increase more than inflammation.

This happens even faster & earlier in people who have manual jobs, exercise too much or not at all.

The "Healthy Aging" Solution

And this is where Inflame & Pain Relief's 13+ years, scientifically researched formula can help support youthful & healthy inflammation.*

Helping you to look and feel younger, while allowing you to live a healthier and longer life!*

Inflame Pain Relief

Inflame & Pain Relief™ gives your body the specific nutrients it needs, to help promote optimal & healthy whole-body inflammatory response ... Similar to when you were young.*

pain reduction
Survey of 7,840 users of Inflame & Pain Relief™

Inflammation "Problems" May
NOT Be Your Fault...

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause inflammation:

  • as we get older (due to negative changes in hormones)*
  • during times of extra stress (physical and/or emotional)*
  • due to genetics (always a major factor)*
  • incorrect diet (wrong foods and/or macro-nutrients)*
  • improper exercise plan (too much or little or wrong kind)*
https://www.cdc.gov & https://www.drugabuse.gov

However, It Is YOUR Responsibility...

Even though having "inflammation problems" may NOT be your fault, you need to take action NOW, by improving your lifestyle and utilizing a 13+ year proven solution like Inflame & Pain Relief™...

So you can look and feel younger, while having a longer & healthy future!*

How Is It Better?

Of course, there are lots of products & competition these days. People naturally want to know why our proven solution works better than the rest?...

Inflame & Pain Relief™ is the only doctor formulated (by an endocrinology, hormone doctor) vegan pill that has:

  • 13+ year proven success record.*
  • 287+ reviews (blood tests for proof)**
  • Validated & scientifically researched*
  • "5 Products In 1" (saves time & money)
  • USA Made in an FDA approved facility.*
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Non-GMO*
  • One YEAR, 200% Satisfaction, $100.00 Guarantee.ˆ